ladyJustice_GreenandGold-759x128Our most important function is to obtain legislation supporting officers’ rights, working conditions, wages and any other areas of concern. The PBA fights to protect you politically from any and all sources which attack your salaries, pensions and working conditions. The PBA works with lobbyists from other PBA’s and together aggressively fight for legislation beneficial to all law enforcement officers.

Throughout each year, your legislative team drafts new legislation, seeks sponsors for new legislation and continuously urges pro-law enforcement legislation for adoption.

We have established a PAC account for the purpose of contributing to political candidates and for maintaining a strong political voice with pro-law enforcement legislators.

In addition the PBA has built strong relationships with other PBA’s and legislators through hard work and many years of lobbying. Extensive political screening is done throughout the State to ensure that pro-law enforcement legislators are elected.

Between legislative sessions, PBA has continuous contact with legislators, providing them with up-to-date information on law enforcement issues. This is all made possible by the dedication and experience of your PBA legislative team.

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